We don't look for a specific type of person to join our team. Instead, we know that our perfect candidates share traits, experiences, and skill-sets that make them successful franchise owners. If you look for opportunities to help people and contribute to improving problematic situations, consider owning a Rytech franchise.

perfect candidate

A Proven Model For The Perfect Candidate

"After starting my career helping people as a claims adjuster, I got into the restoration industry because I saw what a great business it is. Wanting to be my own boss, I chose to buy a Rytech franchise. I am so pleased that I did, I now own five locations. This is the best investment I've ever made."


Anthony Curtis - Owner
Rytech of Pee Dee-Florence, Myrtle Beach, Greenville, Midlands, and Gwinnett

Are You The Perfect Rytech Franchisee?

We boast a solid growth plan that continues to expand our company, and we continue to build successful locations from the ground up. Because we know what it takes, we guide our franchise owners towards their success.

Skilled Tradesperson

Rytech allows you to draw upon your professional experience and leverage your expertise in construction to your advantage.

New Candidates Become Trusted Franchisees

Our service industry accommodates various skillsets, like construction and skilled tradespeople. Franchisees with different professional backgrounds make Rytech a successful damage recovery service provider because it allows us to offer services in a wide variety of situations. Owning a franchise of your own can be a great step to take, no matter your previous experience.

Rytech's flexible business model is an excellent fit for anyone. Reach out to our franchising development team today to learn more about what it takes to start your own water mitigation and mold remediation company. In just a few, short months you can have your location up and running, and ready to serve those who need help in your community.


Rytech offers you a supportive environment and proven business model to put your service to work for you as a new business owner.

Franchising For Veterans That Lets Them Flex Their Skills

Rytech franchising and veterans make a good combination because they are self-motivated and work well as part of the team. Our home office provides a supportive environment, and our flexible business model makes us a sound investment for franchisees of all military backgrounds.

A Rytech franchise owner must be flexible and agile in their daily operations for their business to succeed because emergencies arise at the most unexpected times. Veterans have the skill to pivot and shift focus when needed. Contact us today to learn more about putting your skills to the test with our franchising options.

Insurance Professionals

Rytech enables you to put your understanding of the insurance industry towards a new business venture in franchise ownership.

New Candidates Become Trusted Franchisees

We are a top franchise opportunity for insurance providers who want a flexible and fruitful career. Insurance professionals have valuable work experience and insights we look for in a water mitigation and mold remediation provider because they are familiar with the industry. We offer an excellent foundation in which to work.

Rytech's flexible business model accommodates various personalities, skillsets, and life experiences. Franchisees with different professional backgrounds bring a lot to the table and contribute to our company's growth. Put your experience in insurance work for you and get your damage restoration franchise started with the help of our team today.

Previous Business Owner

Rytech fulfills your desire to seek out new opportunities, diversify and add to your expertise.

Are Previous Business Owners a good fit with Rytech?

Owning a Rytech franchise is the perfect opportunity to exit a corporate existence and build a business that is your own. As part of our network of franchisees, you account for your growth and will be the first to benefit from your dedication and hard work. We have a flexible business model that allows you to scale your business to the desired level, regardless of your work style.

Previous business owners make excellent Rytech franchise owners because they understand the need to be flexible and adaptable. Flexibility is essential because emergencies can happen at any time. Contact Rytech's franchising team to learn more about opening a location in your area and diversify and add to your business acumen.


Rytech delivers the perfect opportunity for you to own a business without having to be an expert in the industry.

Entrepreneurs Become Trusted Franchisees with Rytech

The burgeoning business climate focuses on generating usable income while maintaining a satisfying work-life balance. Rytech franchising provides you an excellent way to have both. Entrepreneurs are ideal candidates to own a water mitigation and mold remediation business because they drive the momentum of their new career path.

Owning a Rytech franchise allows entrepreneurs to achieve the lifestyle they desire without settling for the status quo. We build our locations with team members who possess a fresh perspective and want to succeed in their own business. We designed our franchise model to support a stable life now and in the future. Reach out to learn more about expanding your expertise.

Family Owned / Partners

Rytech provides family and partner owners the chance to utilize the different strengths each member possesses for a more dynamic franchise.

New Candidates Become Trusted Franchisees

Running a business takes a lot of dedication, time, and effort. Starting a franchise with a family member can be beneficial because it promotes the opportunity for each individual to utilize their unique strengths. Additionally, a partner-run franchise allows you to create a successful business. With a family-owned Rytech franchise, you can each focus on the things at which you excel to grow your new business.

Rytech is the perfect franchise to start with a family, and with our low upfront costs and proven business model, you and your family can own a successful business. Whether starting a franchise with your spouse or another family member, we have the perfect opportunity for your family to combine individual strengths and experiences to grow your own business.

Rytech’s Clear Path To Ownership

Our clear path to ownership is straightforward and begins with a conversation about our business model and expectations. We discuss the basic start-up investment requirements and review our FDD - Franchise Disclosure Document. Our FDD contains pertinent information you need as you move along the path of owning a Rytech franchise. You will also have information about training, company, and franchise operations, along with our policies and procedures.

Submit an application

Submit an Application

To get started, complete and submit an application that includes your background, education, skills, and any work history that relates to the industry or owning a business. We also request that you outline your professional goals and include a cover letter.

Franchise Disclosure Document

Franchise disclosure document (FDD)

We send our Franchise Disclosure Document or FDD, upon receipt of your application. Our FDD contains our financials for the past three years, a list of all operating franchisees with accompanying phone numbers, a copy of our Franchise Agreement, and a detailed breakdown of the investment. You will also have information about training, company, and franchise operations, along with our policies and procedures.

Interveiw with senior staff

Interview with senior staff

We conduct our phone interviews with members of our senior staff and corporate officers. Our team will review the company expectations and operations that you need to know as a franchisee then discuss your personal and professional goals. This is an opportunity for a dual interview as you are able to ask questions of our panel to better understand the details of owning a Rytech franchise.

Validation and due diligence

validation and Due diligence

We encourage you to reach out to the list of current franchisees and speak with them about their experiences owning a Rytech franchise. They will provide an accurate picture of what it takes to own and operate a franchise, and openly discuss earning potential and business projections. This conversation will provide you with valuable information about the hands-on work required and our procedures.

Open house

open house

Upon the completion of step four, you are invited to our Support and Training center in Kennesaw, GA, to explore Rytech deeper. You will spend time meeting our staff who will guide you through the start-up process and growing your business. You review the FDD, and schedule non-binding training dates. As this is not a closing meeting you are not required to make any franchising payments.

Franchise offering

Franchise offering

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with our onboarding process and had the opportunity to speak with leaders at our organization, you will be presented with a franchise offer. This is your chance to finalize the application and invest in your new career as a Rytech franchise owner.
By signing our Franchise Agreement and submitting the payment of your Franchise Fee payment you officially become a Franchisee of Rytech. Training begins shortly and within 60 to 90 days your location will be up and operating.

Exceed Your Goals with Rytech Franchising

Rytech provides advanced emergency services to our customers, and we designed our business model to generate success. We will help you do more than achieve your professional and personal goals - we can help you exceed them.

Rytech Franchising Benefits

  • Largest available territories for our franchisees
  • Administrative services model with centralized contact center, estimating, and collections makes operations easy
  • Established relationships with insurance carriers that generate work for you
  • Grow your business on Rytech’s brand reputation and industry recognition
  • Security is a $60 billion dollar recession proof industry

Exceed Your Goals with Rytech Franchising

Rytech provides advanced emergency services to our customers, and we designed our business model to generate success. We will help you do more than achieve your professional and personal goals - we can help you exceed them.

Industry Opportunity

The property damage restoration industry continues to grow year after year. Rytech has several unique advantages that make us an enticing option when looking to open a franchise business.


Of Insurance Claims Are For Property Damage


Water Damage Is The Second Most Common Type Of Insurance Claim


Homes Submit A Water Damage Claim Each Year


Rytech Services A 60 Billion Recession Proof Industry

Learn More About Rytech Franchising Today

Rytech franchise candidates have an entrepreneurial spirit and thrive when helping people. If you are ready to take control of your financial future and run a lucrative business in the market of helping people, you may be a perfect fit. We invite you to reach out and start a conversation with our franchising team to learn more about the business and what it takes to start your own.